every-cloud-has-a-silver-liningWhen I was 18 I got stabbed in the chest in a bar fight. 

The doctor said the knife missed my heart by an inch and I was lucky to escape with just a punctured lung.

I got a whopping £3000 payout … BUT that was enough $$ to get me to Australia to start a new life.

When I was 22 I crashed a motorbike in Thailand and badly tore my rotator cuff.

Unable to work in construction, I studied to become a personal trainer and began a rewarding and fulfilling career in the fitness industry.

When I was 28 I split up with my long-term girlfriend so went to Las Vegas for a holiday…. where I met the mother of my now 7-month old son Vinnie.

Every time I’ve been through tough times, it’s always led to something better.

There’s an old story of a farmer and his horse.

One day his horse runs away. And his neighbour comes over and says, to commiserate, “I’m so sorry about your horse.” And the farmer says “Who Knows What’s Good or Bad?” The neighbour is confused because this is clearly terrible. The horse is the most valuable thing he owns.

But the horse comes back the next day and he brings with him 12 feral horses. The neighbour comes back over to celebrate, “Congratulations on your great fortune!” And the farmer replies again: “Who Knows What’s Good or Bad?”

And the next day the farmer’s son is taming one of the wild horses and he’s thrown and breaks his leg. The neighbour comes back over, “I’m so sorry about your son.” The farmer repeats: “Who Knows What’s Good or Bad?”

Sure enough, the next day the army comes through their village and is conscripting able-bodied young men to go and fight in war, but the son is spared because of his broken leg.

And this story can go on and on like that. Good. Bad. Who knows?

Every cloud has a silver lining

Tough times don’t last… tough people do.

Do you have a story about your life?

Post below I’d love to hear it.

Danger Dan

PT Supremacy