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I wasn’t planning on writing a post today as I have another crazy busy day recording kettlebell videos in the studio.

But, I popped in the gym for a quick workout and an email fell at my feet… literally!

I was mid-way through a kettlebell complex and an elder lady in her late 50’s fell arse over t#t at my feet.

Her trainer had her doing box jumps on a two-foot high box and she’d missed the jump and took a tumble in my direction.


There are so many things wrong with this I don’t know where to start.

Firstly, what are this lady’s training goals?

Is it to build explosive dynamic power… does she want to improve athletic performance… does she want to run the 100m dash in under 10 seconds?

Looking at this lady she’s a little overweight, so I’m assuming weight loss is her goal… and with the big 60 approaching I’m also guessing she’d like to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible.

So… I don’t think box jumps are congruent with her training goals.

Secondly, her trainer had her doing box jumps mid-circuit programmed in with shuttle sprints, sledge drags and lunges.

By the time this poor lady even made it to the box her CNS was well and truly fried!

So many new personal trainers just copy what other trainers are doing without really understanding why they’re doing it.

No-one had explained to her that if you’re going to perform explosive movements you have to do it at the beginning of the workout when your CNS is fresh, otherwise you’re training yourself to be slow.

Thirdly, her client lacked the strength and power to perform such a movement with good technique. So, the risk reward ratio of doing this exercise doesn’t add up.

Far better doing an exercise that has less impact on the joints and without the risk of breaking ones neck, that’s what me finks anways.

Box jumps have their place IF you know why you’re using them.

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