Social MediaI was having an interesting chat with a client this morning.

He works in the advertising industry.

He told me the advertising industry is made up of just 5 main players.

As soon as a new serious competitor comes along, they get bought out.

The rest?

Well, they can’t negotiate the same deals with the TV channels, radio stations, printed media and online advertisers.

And, because they can‘t compete with the buying power of the big 5…

They don’t last for long.

So, where am I going with this?

As fitnessprenuers we don’t need huge budgets to advertise on TV, Radio, Printed Media and Google Adwords.

Social Media has leveled the playing field for the small business owner.

By leveraging targeted traffic of just a couple of social media platforms with an offer our ideal prospect finds IRRISISTABLE we can get all the leads we need.

But… it has to be done right.

Advertising on Social Media is ‘interruption marketing’.

People don’t go to Facebook or Instagram to see your ad.

They go there to see what their friends are doing, watch funny stuff and be entertained.

To get their attention your ad has to scratch an itch.

An ad with an offer that is so IRRISISTABLE that it magnetically pulls them away from their feed and onto your website.

If your ad isn’t powerful enough to pique their interest so that they feel they have to click your link I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed.

However, you’re in luck!

I’m almost done putting together a video training mini-series on how to craft the perfect offer your prospects will find IRRISISTABLE.

As a valued email subscriber I’ll be sending it to you soon FRE.E of charge!

Keep an eye out.

Danger Dan

PT Supremacy