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Are your competitors getting all the business in your local area because your fitness website isn’t listed at the top of the search engines? Do you know all the search terms people looking for your service or product are using in the search engines? If not, you need to figure out this information… fast!

If you knew of a solution that could help solve your problems and completely change the way you market your personal training business online, giving you a steady flow of pre-qualified clients who recognise you as the go-to fitness expert in your area, is there anything stopping you from taking action today?

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Most fitness professionals have no idea how the search engines work and the huge amount of traffic people searching for their service online, every day of the year. Let me show you how to get your website in front of your clients so you can tap into this incredible source of new business.

Don’t let your competition get all the free traffic. I do my very best for all my fitness SEO clients ensuring your competition doesn’t stand a chance. I will rank your gym or personal training website, social media pages and Youtube videos at the top of the search engines for total domination.

You have found this site for a reason. You want to do the best for your fitness business and know that you’re doing everything possible to attract new clients. You owe it to yourself, your business and your team to find out what ptsupremacy.com can do for you.

SEO is the method we use to give the search engines exactly what they want. It combines multiple factors including on-page optimization, traffic, backlinks, social media and the general authority and trust of your website. It’s a complex mathematical equation, but the formula we use is proven to be highly effective in the most competitive of fitness markets.
Don’t let some disgruntled client, or even worse, a nasty competitor, ruin your good reputation all over the Internet. If this does happen to you, we can make sure those damaging comments never get found in the search engines so your potential clients will only find positive reviews from listings and websites that we control and own.
Fitness website design is much more than just looking pretty, your website has two jobs. Number one is to get traffic, and number two is to convert that traffic into paying clients. Plus, your fitness website has to function correctly for the search engines to love it. Every website has to be responsive so it functions perfectly on laptop, desktop, mobile and tablets.
We use the latest cutting edge social media strategies to get your marketing message in front of your clients. We also use the most powerful social media sites in the search results; a method very few online fitness marketing companies know how to do. Our strategy leverages the authority and power of the biggest social media platforms with SEO to dominate the web.

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Our most common success story is how transforming the PT Supremacy service is. Finding an SEO agency that truly takes care of its customers is hard to find. But, with our expertise, knowledge and experience we’re able deliver a service that is unrivalled anywhere in the online marketing field. Our rankings in the fitness industry prove we have a winning SEO formula, let us help your fitness business in the same way.

Don’t procrastinate and let this opportunity slip by, Everyday we receive phone calls from personal trainers who have decided to step up, take action and finally create a business that they can be truly proud of. We take care of all our client’s sites just as they were our very own. Your business success ensures our continued success which is why we have perfected an SEO system that is proven to deliver fantastic results time and time again.

Get a Flood of New Clients into Your Fitness Business Each & Every Week

seo for personal fitness trainers

If you’re looking for more clients for your business, you are in the perfect place. Our highly skilled team of experts specialize in finding new clients for your fitness business, no matter what niche or location you work in.

We have over a decade of experience with SEO in the fitness industry, and our team of web designers have designed websites for some of the biggest names in the industry.

In addition to ranking your website at the top of Google and Bing, we can literally blanket the entire first page for your service in your local town.

The sad truth is most SEO companies have absolutely no idea what they’re doing and will only damage your websites chance of ranking in the search engines by performing low quality SEO. We know what we’re doing and have dozens of results to prove our system is tried and tested.

Here’s How It Works

maps listingWe will analyze your website to check there are no problems with previous SEO work, we will make sure there are no penalties and will make all the necessary on-page changes to ensure your fitness wesbite is optimized properly for the search engines.

If do you not currently have a website we will build you a professional great looking responsive site that is SEO optimized.

The next step is to claim your Google map listing and connect your social media accounts to help build authority and trust for your website.

Then we create citations (business listings), we know exactly which citations your site needs. Our list of relevant high authority citations will give your website the right foundation to grow.

What Happens Next?

By now we have a tight grip on the competition with our expertise in proper on page and off page search engine optimization.

We simultaneously rank your website in the Google snack pack (Google Maps) and the organic listings. We can run Google Adwords (paid ads), but most of our clients find they get their biggest return on investment from ranking in Google Maps and Organic.

Contact Us Today Before Your Competition Finds Us!

If you are ready to take your fitness business to the next level and decide to go with PT Supremacy as your choice for an online fitness marketing platform, please feel free to contact me for more information.


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