Is your fitness business seasonal?

Only 3 more weeks of winter left here in Sydney. Winters are not too shabby anyways with temperatures hitting 18-20 Celsius most days and I’m told it’s gonna get up to 24 degrees later this week. Why am I telling you this? Well even though winters are very mild in Sydney everyone here hibernates, no-one…

seasonal fitness business

What’s your offer?

“If I could just get more traffic to my website I’ll make more sales.” I hear it all the time. Maybe it’s true… maybe not. Maybe they have more than enough traffic but the traffic isn’t converting because their offer is weak. When I’m working with a coaching client, my first question is always ……


The tale of two woodcutters

Once upon a time there were two woodcutters, John and Harry. John and Harry were competing against each other to see who could chop down the most trees in a single day. Within earshot of each other, both men began hacking away at the trees immediately. An hour had passed and then John suddenly stopped,…


The 3 biggest fitness website failures

As part of new Social Supremacy I rip apart 5 random fitness websites in a video for module 5. Here’s the 3 biggest fitness website failures I see ALL the time; #1: Me Too Marketing.  Trainers just talking about themselves and their qualifications. Your prospect only cares about themselves and the results they desire. Save…

fitness website failures

Trump makes the skeleton dance

Trump is all over the news again. This time for allegedly paying strippers and playboy models hush hush money. Did he have affairs with these women? Who knows… who cares? What I do know though is his response was classic. I’m no Trump fan but the way he plays the media is worth watching. Did…


Why 99% of online personal trainers don’t make money

Self-help great Earl Nightingale famously said… “Look at what the majority of people are doing, and do the exact opposite, and you’ll probably never go wrong for as long as you live”. This couldn’t be truer for the majority of online personal trainers. Here’s what 99% of online trainers do… They create a program, for…

earl nightingale

Trade wars – bullet proof your fitness business

The US has just imposed tariffs on China and the EU. And… China and the EU have responded in kind. A trade war is looming. Most everyone agrees a recession is coming. Just take a look at history going back to 1850 and you’ll see there’s been a recession on average, every 10 years. So,…

fitness bubble

Fitness Nightmares

Last night I was watching Gordon Ramsey’s TV show, ‘Kitchen Nightmares’. I love this show; there are so many business lessons to be learned. And… It’s super inspirational to watch how quickly a business can be turned around with the right business and marketing savvy. Ramsey always begins the show by taking a walk round…

gordon ramsey

Why this personal trainer is dead wrong…

I received an email yesterday from another fitness professional here in Australia. Like me he helps personal trainers grow their fitness businesses with fitness and marketing courses. Yesterday his message was… “Don’t work on your weaknesses… Double down on your strengths” He goes onto to say that if you run boot camps, then you should…

boot camp