average personal trainer salaryIf you search online you’ll find most personal trainers only make about $30,000 per year, this seems to be the average across the board.

I know I know… this doesn’t sound much and it isn’t – but do not fret because most of the trainers in my Platinum group are doing 3-4 times this much.

The problem lies with the business and fitness marketing courses provided by all the big personal training certification providers.

Put simply… they are outdated and ineffective.

To satisfy government agencies these personal training certification providers have to supply their students with a very basic business module.

The problem with these business modules are two-fold.

  1. The people writing these business programs have zero real world knowledge about what it takes to create and run a real fitness business. They know some basic theory stuff they learnt in college but, they have never applied anything in the real world.
  2. It can take up to 3-6 months to get certifications approved by the regulatory bodies. Things change so fast in today’s internet age that anything written today will be out of date by the time it get’s approved.

So… what you’re left with is a bunch of BS filler content that teaches you nothing about what it takes to survive and prosper in this highly competitive industry.

You’ll learn far more real World business knowledge by studying fitness marketing related blogs online, like this one.

Or, networking with likeminded fitness pros in Facebook groups like this one.

There are many ways you can increase your salary as a personal trainer and, I think the average personal trainer wage should be 6-figures… minimum!

Most personal trainers simply trade time for money.

With only so many hours in any given day, it’s only a matter of time before personal trainers hit their salary cap and burn out.

The smart personal trainers seek leverage.

Leverage will amplify and multiply everything you do!

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”
– Archimedes

Here’s how you can get leverage in your personal training business so you can make more money whilst working less hours.

1 .Leverage other people’s time. Get good at sales and marketing and hire trainers to train your clients for you.

2 .Leverage software. Create a training program once, package it up and sell it online over and over and over again.

3 .Leverage your clients time. Train small groups or boot camps and you’ll earn a lot more $$ per hour.

4. Leverage other peoples products/services. Have a backend and sell supplements, equipment, clothing and anything else to help your clients get results.

If your goal is to earn 6-figures per year, work backwards from your goal and know exactly how many clients and customers you’ll need.

For example, if you want your boot camp program to make $25,000 this year, then you’ll need to make on average $2083.00 per month.

If you sell your monthly memberships for $200, then you’ll need 10.4 clients to reach your goal of $2083.00 per month.

If you offer 4 services, say: boot camp, online training, 1-1 pt and affiliate commissions… then follow this process for all of the programs and services you offer and know exactly how many clients you need to reach your overall big goal of $100,000.

When you break it down into bite size pieces it’s easy to see how you can make way more than the $30,000 most other personal trainers make.

If you would like to join myself and a small group of renegade trainer that think differently from the herd… and who make well above the industry standard. Be sure to checkout our Facebook group.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Danger Dan