pt-supremacy-certificationsThanks for checking out my about page, here’s the bit about me.

Born just outside London, England – I came to Australia backpacking aged 22 on August 29th 2000.

After 12-months travelling Australia and getting accustomed to the fantastic weather, beautiful beaches and great outdoor lifestyle…I decided I’d stay for good. It would take me 7 tears to get my citizenship.

In 2002 I became a certified personal trainer and began my first pt job in Sydney as a freelancer at Gold’s Gym.

For the next 12 months I struggled finding clients so took part-time jobs labouring on building sites (not much fun during Sydney’s hot summer)!

I then moved to another gym across the city and after a couple of months went fulltime after establishing a client base big enough to cover my bills.

In 2004 I attended my first kettlebell course and began incorporating them into my new boot camp program ‘Dangerously Fit’.

In 2005 I bought my first online marketing course and using my new skills grew Dangerously Fit from 3 locations to 16 locations in 2.5 years.

In 2006 I created Sydney’s largest online personal training directory. ‘The No1PT Directory’.

For the next 9 years I managed over a dozen trainers at Dangerously Fit, offering clients; boot camp, personal training, body transformation programs, kids fitness and corporate health.

In 2014, after growing tired of managing people, I decided to cut my boot camps from 16 locations to 5 locations and focus my time and energy on my newest projects;

The ‘European Personal Training Institute’ (EPTI) – a personal trainer certification company.

And, ‘Dangerously Fit Online’ – online body transformation programs.

During the next 3 years both business grew to 6-figures, then in 2017, I sold my share of EPTI.

Today, after living in 17 years in Bondi Beach – I now live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with my girlfriend Lala, our baby body Vinnie and our 2 dogs Kya and Chika.

I run Dangerously Fit Online, Dangerously Fit Boot Camps and PT Supremacy.

At PT Supremacy we offer personal trainers all over the World access to first class kettlebell certifications, unique boot camp courses learned through the school of hard knocks and, cutting edge online marketing training proven to work in the REAL World of business.

With 16 years experience in the fitness industry and having built multiple 6-fugure fitness businesses, my mission now is to help other personal trainers succeed in this business.

Dan Clay AKA Danger Dan

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